Badge Generator

theMage: is an open source site, managed with open collective financing, to generate badges for github.

Your ad Choices

theMage: is a website where you can opt out of personalized ads for more than one hundred of the major online advertising companies.


theMage: Deku Deals tracks the prices of Nintendo Switch games on the eShop and at major retailers in order to find the best deals and notified the users when their selected games drop in price.

Honeycomb - the observability system

theMage: Honyecomb is an amazing observability tool, that is developed to allow developers to log all the information they can possible need to be able to better debug their distributed systems later.

NL Net Foundation

theMage: The NLNet foundation is a ditch non-profit organization dedicated to increase privacy in the internet and hardening it.

Board game periodic table

theMage: The board game periodic table is a collection of board and other table top family games, grouped by type, in a layout inspired by the periodic table of elements.

Erik Bernhardsson's blog

theMage: Blog of Erik Bernhardsson, who managed the tech team (300+ people) at, the analytics and the machine learning teams at spotify and was one of the main developers of several big open source projects.

Remarkable - paper tablet

theMage: Remarkable is a tablet to write now or drawing, using a paper-like screen

theMage: is a dutch/belgian webstore where you can find anything you may need

Brad Lhotsky' blog

theMage: Edge of sanity is the blood of Brad Lhotsky, a developer.