About weblore.net

A long time ago there was del.icio.us, and delicious was amazing, and we were big fans of del.icio.us.

It was a single place to keep our bookmarks, it was a good place to find new sites to visit, it was a good place to share interesting links.

And then del.icio.us was gone.

Some time ago there was stumble upon, and stumble upon was an amazing way to share and find new content. But like del.icio.us, stumbleupon.com is gone.

With weblore.net we don't want to recreate any of those tools, but we are highly inspired by them and the comunities they empowered.

For some time, every day we lacked a place to keep those bookmarks we like, and every day we lacked a community to share those bookmarks with, and every day we used solutions that let us hungry for more and better alternatives.

Weblore is our attempt at creating that better solution. We are far from done. We are far from happy. But we have something that we like more than the alternatives we have been using so far.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Use it for good. We hope it is useful for you, and only ask that you help us make it useful for everyone.

Thank you!


Here are some of the things we want to give you in the coming months:

  • social logins: you can now login with facebook, but we want to allow you to login with any identity you want to use - twitter, google, github are some of the options we want to add.

  • private bookmarks: add your bookmarks, but keep them for yourself.

  • browser plugins: we want to create plugins for chrome and firefox to allow you to use weblore as you bookmark manager in your browser. This will allow you to keep your bookmarks synchronized between different computers, but also different browsers.

  • mobile apps: we want to create mobile apps for Android and IOS, which would allow you to take your bookmarks with you on the move.

This is just our short list of ideas. There is more we want to do, but first this little list - as well as any bug fixes and smaller improvements.