Badge Generator

theMage: is an open source site, managed with open collective financing, to generate badges for github.

Erik Bernhardsson's blog

theMage: Blog of Erik Bernhardsson, who managed the tech team (300+ people) at, the analytics and the machine learning teams at spotify and was one of the main developers of several big open source projects.


theMage: This is the blog of Salvatore Sanfilippo, best known as Antirez, the author of Redis.

Robohash avatar code

avatar: Open source project to generate random robot avatars in python

Open source guides

theMage: Guides to help people start on the track of being an open source developer or otherwise contribute to open source projects.

Lucide Icons

theMage: Lucide Icons are an open source, community driven icon library that can be used for any project.

A shell utiliy to handle semantic versions

theMage: the semver-tool allow you to bump, compare and diff versions using the semantic version syntax.

Multiavatar python sources

avatar: Multiavatar is an open source project to create random multicultural avatars.

Tremor - react dashboard

theMage: Tremor is a react library to build dashboards, licensed with apache license

P1 smart meter reader

theMage: Hardware schema and software to read metrics from P1 electrical smart meters used in the Benelux.


theMage: Etherpad is an opensource colaborative text editor that be used as is, or to create more complex systems.