the pirate checklist

Comic's Collector: Alynne has finally set out to become a pirate captain… except she’s doing wrong! To help her along, she's given a checklist of everything a good pirate needs. But when Alynne catches the attention of the most infamous of pirates, will she stick to her list, or succumb to the worst of influences?

random webcomic

Comic's Collector: It's a site that sends you to a random webcomic. You can add your webcomics to the Random database (for free!) and tell everyone about them in the comment section on the main page.

o sarilho

Comic's Collector: An ancient satellite crashes into enemy territory and a special team is tasked with recovering it. They soon find out the satellite wasn't the only thing crashing there. And the enemies have an eye on it too.


Comic's Collector: Rose is a tasty all-ages comic about food, friendship and the fun in-between!

picpak dog

Comic's Collector: The everyday happenings of a big pink dog, a smaller blue cat and everyone else around them.

obsidian trilogy

Comic's Collector: Illustrated fantasy webnovel that starts with a mortal young man's becoming an apprentice of the creators of his world.


Comic's Collector: Omnimaga is a website dedicated to TI and Casio calculator and PC game programming and music creation of any kind.

xii: of magic and muses

Comic's Collector: A webcomic about magical girls making mistakes and muddling in mysteries in that magical horror light show. Updates at a regular 6x a week with a scheduled hiatus in December.

level 30 psychiatry

Comic's Collector: In a world where video game characters co-exist, it's up to one Pokemon to sort out all the problems. Join Dr. Gardevoir and the other staff of the MM Memorial hospital as they keep the heroes, villains and NPCs of the world in good health.

mk's the strange case of dr. jekyll and mr. hyde

Comic's Collector: In this more comical and lighthearted take on Robert Louis Stevenson's classic story, Dr. Jekyll's Hyde formula winds up creating his wild alter ego Mr. Hyde. Now, they must learn to get along if they want to save London from the corrupt board of governors.

the tales of lev

Comic's Collector: This comic series centers around Thomas Lev who is not your ordinary young soldier. His life and battles rest in a dream-world, Gluban, that resides within a sleeping girl's mind.

stringy and mopy

Comic's Collector: In this adrenaline pumping, action-adventure/superhero comedy, a high school journalist befriends and joins forces with a quirky, zany-paced superhero in an effort to save his mom from a mob boss son. [V, L, SC]

sanguis draconis

Comic's Collector: Treasure hunter Altin manages to kidnap the local prince completely by accident. Aside from the criminal nature of their meeting, things seem to go well, until a slightly cliche regicide plot and attempt to usurp the throne derail their burgeoning relationship and leave both young men on the run.