the pirate checklist

Comic's Collector: Alynne has finally set out to become a pirate captain… except she’s doing wrong! To help her along, she's given a checklist of everything a good pirate needs. But when Alynne catches the attention of the most infamous of pirates, will she stick to her list, or succumb to the worst of influences?

random webcomic

Comic's Collector: It's a site that sends you to a random webcomic. You can add your webcomics to the Random database (for free!) and tell everyone about them in the comment section on the main page.


Podcasts Fan: Blood magic, Voodoo magic, old gods, new gods: We've got it all! Follow the story of misfits from all over the world, as they try to survive and protect their heritage from modern-day crusaders.

my hero!

Comic's Collector: Hasera has always dreamed of working with the Champion Lark, but her dream is turning out to be a nightmare. Now she must find a way to get him to start giving a damn about doing his job and find out who is behind a sinister plot that may spell certain doom for the 9 planes!

mental link

Comic's Collector: this is a comic about mental links from worlds it is about mundane life turned to not mundane with three main charters pebble a treenam josh a human and neecra 50 demon 50 angel


Comic's Collector: Pacifica is a fantasy adventure comic that weaves together mountain men, monsters, and magic. The comic follows a thrown together group of outcasts in an early 1800s type era as they search for a new direction in their lives. Inspired by the redwood forests of Humboldt County, CA.

Crow(N)'s Nest

Comic's Collector: Many eons ago, a goddess gifted cedar boxes, containing parts of her powers to few chosen animals. Those animals, became deities to maintain and protect the balance. Now let me tell you a story

tales from somewhere

Comic's Collector: A fantasy webcomic telling stories about some unlucky adventurers in the marvelous lands of Somewhere. You can follow two parties into the unknown and watch them trying to survive and bear each other.


Comic's Collector: Cryptida is a webcomic about the large and small adventures of the employees in a very special department of the local university - the Department of Cryptozoology!

Dark Horse

Comic's Collector: Manga inspired post-apocalyptic fantasy, following the two teens at the turn of the century caught in a battle for the future. Magic, science, & mythology clash as they try to prevent the release of the demon horse. It's the first installment of The Crystal Lotus Chronicles.

kinder des lich

Comic's Collector: Queer vampire found family. Contains death, geekery, LGBT themes, and occasional blood and violence.

Brandy de Hex: Certified Sorceress

Comic's Collector: Brandy de Hex is a witch who works as a "certified sorceress," providing magical solutions to people's problems when she isn't trying to deal with the misadventures that her friends and family--especially her sister Sherry--get her into. Issues are 2-3 page installments of larger, 20-30 page arcs.

obsidian trilogy

Comic's Collector: Illustrated fantasy webnovel that starts with a mortal young man's becoming an apprentice of the creators of his world.