Ferengi's rules of acquisition

theMage: From the star trek universe, the Ferengi's rules of acquisition are the rules of the ultra capitalist - and not always strictly honest - big eared aliens.

random webcomic

Comic's Collector: It's a site that sends you to a random webcomic. You can add your webcomics to the Random database (for free!) and tell everyone about them in the comment section on the main page.

the 1x Engineer

theMage: This website is a small list of characteristcs of a 1x Engineer, the base line against which the mythical 10x engineer should be measured (but rarely is).

Fediverse Party

Fediverse Dweller: Fediverse.Party is a website that lists the most important projects of distributed social networks. In there you can find a platform and/or a server that can host your next online profile for yourself or for one of your alter-egos.