Privacy Policy

Personal Information

We care about your privacy. And that's why we collect as little data about you as possible. Some of our partners may be less galant about it than us, but we will try to let you know what is collected and how to reduce your exposure as much as you would like.

Login information

Depending on the login method you use, we store:

  • email - we store your email address to allow you to recover your password. Your display name is selected by you. We don't have a real name policy, so feel free to use anything you like.
  • Facebook - depending on your setting facebook may give us access to different data about you, but we only use your name, which is used to create your username and your display name.

  • We plan on adding other login mechanisms, but for all of them we only plan on using the username and/or name, depending on the mechanisms.

  • In the future we plan on adding mechanisms to allow users to change their display name and username.


Both the website and some third parties use cookies.

  • functional cookies - the functional cookies allow us to implement user specific functionality, like login or displaying private links only to the users who added them. You can disable cookies completely. If you do that, none of the third party functionality will be abled, but you will also not be able to login without enabling cookies again.

  • Google - we use google analytics and adsense. see details bellow. You can see details in google's privacy policy.

    • google analytics - we use google analytics to help us understand the usage of the website. This help us understand how it is used and how we can improve the website.
    • google adsense - We use google adsense to display ads on the website. For that google uses cookies, which may include cookies to deliver personalized ads, and that may include cookies or other tracking mechanisms from other vendors.
  • Facebook - Facebook uses cookies to enable their website and their apis. We only use facebook api when you click in the "login with facebook" button.

Overall you can see more information about usage of cookies for personalized advertising and opt-out from their networks by visiting

Debug information

We keep some information about your requests to help detect, track and fix issues in the website. This may include details like your IP address, your country or which browser you are using.

This information is deleted after 30 days.


For any aditional information contact our support.