Terms and Conditions


(by using the site you agree with this terms and conditions, and you warrant that you are allowed to agree with them)

  1. This terms and conditions govern your use of weblore.net website.
  2. By using the website or the website api (collectively refered to as the website), you agree with this terms and conditions in full; if you disagree with this terms and conditions or any part of it, you must not use the website or the website api.
  3. When creating an account we may ask you to expressly agree with this terms and conditions.
  4. You must be legally allowed to agree with this terms and conditions; by using the website or agreeing with this terms and conditions you warrant that you are legally allowed to agree with this terms and conditions.


(we are not liable for any cost, loss or lack of profit that comes to you from using the website)

  1. The website and the service provided is made available without any warranty of usability, adequacy, validity, reliability or any other. It is made available as is, and we reserve the right to change it as we see fit or terminate it without previous notice.
  2. Under no circunstance shall we have any liability to you for any cost, loss, damage or lack of profit of any kind incurred as a result of the use of the site.

Intelectual Property

(we own the logos, trademarks, domains and code costumizations)

  1. while the majority of code of the website is open source, some costumizations on top of the open source are proprietary.
  2. The same applies to the databases, the logos and the domains of the website, which are protected by copyright or trademark laws.

User Generated content

(the content is owned by those who introduce it, who take the responsability for it and give us permission to publish it)

  1. The website allows its users to add content; the content added by the users is theirs, and they are allowed to modify it or remove as they see fit.
  2. the users are responsible for the content they submit to the website.
  3. While the content is in the website, the user (you) grant us the right to publish it and make it available through the api for use in other tools or applications (mobile apps, browser plugins, etc).
  4. Publicly available content can be voted by users and those votes determine the ranking of the content in some of the lists, as well as the content visibility for users who did not publish the content.
  5. When submiting links to the website, it is your responsability to verify that the content shared is publically available and intended for public availability. You can submit private links, but you must flag them as private.
  6. You are not allowed to use the website to share or keep links to ilegal websites or websites inciting, faciliating or organizing ilegal activities.

Classification and moderation

(we reserve the right - but are not obligated - to flag content as private, adult; mark content as spam; delete content or in any other way moderate the content publicly available)

  1. We reserve the right to flag any content as private, making it available only to the user who created it.
  2. We reserve the right to flag any content as adult, making it available only to accounts that are also flagged as adult accounts.
  3. we reserve the right to flag any content as spam.
  4. we reserve the right to delete any content that is ilegal, links to ilegal content, promotes, incites, facilitates, organizes or is in anyway connected to ilegal activities.
  5. we reserve the right to report to the competent authorities any content related with ilegal activities.
  6. while we reserve all the previously rights, we are under no obligation to exerce those rights. We provide no warranty that the content available in the website will be in any way moderated and free of ill content.

Social Media

(if you login with social media you give us access to some of your account information. we will use as little as possible)

  1. As part of the functionality of the website we allow you to login into the website with your social media account. If you use it you will grant us access to any publicly available information in your profile.
  2. We will use that information to create your profile in the website.
  3. We don't use this social media link for any purpose other than login you into your account in the website and create your initial profile.
  4. We may in the future provide the functionality to keep your profile in sync with your social media profile.

Privacy and Cookies

(we believe in your privacy and will do our best to protect it)

  1. By agreeing with the terms and conditions you also agree with our privacy policy. See our Privacy Policy for details. Details about cookie usage can be found there as well.

Governing Law

(we try to be inclusive, but ultimetely dutch law is applicable)

  1. Please see the section about liability.
  2. Any legal action shall be started in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
  3. Dutch law applies to this agreement and your usage of the website.