Monaspace fonts

theMage: Monaspace is a super family of monospaced fonts that can be used for development that have some nice features, like texture healing, where the space used by each letter changes taking into account its neighbours to make the text more readable, while still complain to the monospaced grid.

Honeycomb - the observability system

theMage: Honyecomb is an amazing observability tool, that is developed to allow developers to log all the information they can possible need to be able to better debug their distributed systems later.

the 1x Engineer

theMage: This website is a small list of characteristcs of a 1x Engineer, the base line against which the mythical 10x engineer should be measured (but rarely is).

Brad Lhotsky' blog

theMage: Edge of sanity is the blood of Brad Lhotsky, a developer.

Open game art

Game Dev: Open game art is a game asset gallery where you can find a lot of game assets with free and prejudice licenses


theMage: This is the blog of Salvatore Sanfilippo, best known as Antirez, the author of Redis.

Designed for Success Podcast

Podcasts Fan: Every episode of Designed for Success Podcast is loaded with value that will help you take ownership of your life, live on your terms and become the best version of yourself. Let me assure you that our focus in every episode is to bring about the much-needed transformation that will propel you to push beyond boundaries and live your dream life


Learning for Live: A two-week immersive course introduces the Python language. The target audience is students with little or no programming experience. A mobile app development bootcamp for iOS is listed but not currently available.


Learning for Live: Sixteen-week mobile development bootcamps for Android and iOS. The iOS course covers the XCode environment, the Swift and Objective-C languages, the iOS library, and cloud interfacing. The Android course covers Java SQLite, Android frameworks, data persistence, MVC design, and asynchronous programming.

Starter League

Learning for Live: A thirteen-week immersive course in application development. The primary technology is Ruby on Rails. Four weeks of remote preparation are required. Starter League operates in partnership with Fullstack Academy. - the indie game community

Game Dev: is a website where you can share and find the newest indie games.

History of graphical user interfaces

theMage: This thread on Twitter goes through some of the major changes on graphical user interfaces since their beginning.