Erik Bernhardsson's blog

theMage: Blog of Erik Bernhardsson, who managed the tech team (300+ people) at, the analytics and the machine learning teams at spotify and was one of the main developers of several big open source projects.

Radiolab podcast

Podcasts Fan: Radiolab is a science related podcast what describes to a lot of detail interesting scientific progress, studies and research.

Remarkable - paper tablet

theMage: Remarkable is a tablet to write now or drawing, using a paper-like screen

Smashing Magazine

Job Seeker: This is another great job board, and it’s a great resource for both developers and designers to utilize. It comes with the time cost of sorting through the postings yourself, but it’s easy to find freelancing jobs with the time commitment you want.


Job Seeker: FlexJobs doesn’t only provide a platform for freelance work, but it also encourages everyone to try this career path. Furthermore, the freelance website collects jobs from around the world

theMage: is a dutch/belgian webstore where you can find anything you may need

the 1x Engineer

theMage: This website is a small list of characteristcs of a 1x Engineer, the base line against which the mythical 10x engineer should be measured (but rarely is).


Bookaholic: If you ever find yourself struggling to pick your next book to read, let Whichbook help you choose. Users can interact with several personality sliders to help them decide what book they should read next. The sliders include happy and sad, funny and serious, safe, and disturbing, gentle and violent, and many others.

Freelance Writing

Job Seeker: This source of writing jobs is excellent for freelancers all over the map, from brand spanking new to very experienced. It’s easy to filter for the type of job you want and the experience you have, and it’s totally free.


Job Seeker: LinkUp adds up-to-date job listings in dozens of fields including education, finance, healthcare, law, marketing, and tech. The site is free to use, and job seekers can browse through all opportunities without signing up for an account.

Brad Lhotsky' blog

theMage: Edge of sanity is the blood of Brad Lhotsky, a developer.