Freelance Writing

Job Seeker: This source of writing jobs is excellent for freelancers all over the map, from brand spanking new to very experienced. It’s easy to filter for the type of job you want and the experience you have, and it’s totally free.

Paul Graham - the need to read

theMage: Post from Paul Graham Scott the need to read, why even when other ways to acquire information can be found and created, reading doesn't have a replacement in sight.


Job Seeker: Contena tops the section of the best writing freelance jobs because of the sheer volume of well-paid (and high quality) jobs they always have available for writers, editors and content creators of all kinds. What I love most about Contena, is that they feature a mixture of freelance jobs and full-time remote jobs on their platform.

Journalism Jobs

Job Seeker: If you have Dan Rather dreams, don’t let them die! Check out this job board that curates journalism jobs from around the web – along with other typical writing and editing gigs thrown in.

Freelance Writing Gigs

Job Seeker: The name isn’t winning any creative awards, but it gets the point across. This site is basically a well-curated job board that’s updated Monday to Friday with the hottest new clients willing to pay you actual money to write things. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Boox - epaper tablets

theMage: Boox have several different models of tablets with e-ink (including color e-ink) screens, based on Android operating system.

Adge's Manor

Dayone: Website of Alan Jackson, author of Seer's Adventures (webnovels about a young shaman and her tribe).

Media Bistro

Job Seeker: Media Bistro has a nice little variety of categories, which includes writing and editing. Their curated list features everything from book editing to PR content, so you’re sure to find a few things that fit your niche.