Who smarted? podcast

Podcasts Fan: "Who smarted?" is a educational podcast for elementary school kids that explains a lot of different things in a way that makes it easier for school kids to understand.

The Dice Tower

The Board Gamer: The Dice Tower is dedicated to getting folks to learn about the wide world of exciting new board games.


Bookaholic: If you ever find yourself struggling to pick your next book to read, let Whichbook help you choose. Users can interact with several personality sliders to help them decide what book they should read next. The sliders include happy and sad, funny and serious, safe, and disturbing, gentle and violent, and many others.

WTF Notebooks

theMage: WTF Notebooks is a online store where you can get notebooks customized, starting with a bunch of different dumb phrases, picking the cover color and binding type and end with the type of page. If you need a WTF notebook, this is where you can get it. Made for you!

Average Cooking Revipes

theMage: The Average Recipes website looks for recipes of any dish you want to cook and find an average recipe based on all the recipes it can find for that dish.

The Forest Creek

Podcasts Fan: Welcome to the Forest Creek!A supposed comedy podcast that delves into fun and interesting topics. It may also be a scheme of some sort but we're not sure yet.

The Discriminating Gamer

The Board Gamer: The Discriminating Gamer is a new board and card game website featuring video reviews and comedy.

Board Game Land

The Board Gamer: A good general board game review site, Board Game Land shines through it’s categorization of games. Want the best cooperative games? Need games for couples? Need a game that is only five minutes long? This site has answers to all of these and more.

Board Game Atlas

The Board Gamer: Board Game Atlas is the best place to go for Board Games. Join discussions, search for games, price compare across all the major retailers online.

The Board Game Family

The Board Gamer: Literally written by a family of six, the Board Game Family site concentrates on games that are good for the whole family. In addition to very realistic reviews, this site includes articles on how to make family game nights more fun by emphasizing togetherness and curbing competitiveness.

Qwertee - t-shirt store

theMage: Qwertee is a t-shirt store with lots of really fun t-shirts

Happy Meeple

The Board Gamer: The Happy Meeple online board games offer is slightly different to the others. It has different levels of AI bots which you can try to beat. As you beat progressively more difficult bots you unlock a coloured meeple for that game. All the games on Happy Meeple are 2 player games.

Board Game Quest

The Board Gamer: This comprehensive review site covers all aspects of board gaming including top ten lists, which games sold out the fastest and the history of games. Great for a deep dive into games that is still accessible to the beginning player.