Learning for Live: Join over 20 million learners in highly actionable online classes backed by Harvard, MIT, and other prestigious institutions from around the world. Some courses here are taken just for the love of learning, while others can earn you a degree or certificate.


Learning for Live: A two-week immersive course introduces the Python language. The target audience is students with little or no programming experience. A mobile app development bootcamp for iOS is listed but not currently available.

Dev Bootcamp

Learning for Live: Courses in multiple languages and frameworks, HTML, CSS, and SQL. No longer accepting new students.

Beach Coders Academy

Learning for Live: Part-time four-week immersive programs in El Segundo. The focus is front end web development and UX design. The Codewave immersion program covers JavaScript, jQuery, Sass, AJAX, React, JSX, and other topics. One-on-one sessions are available. Only basic computer skills are required

Angular Boot Camp

Learning for Live: A three-day class on the Angular.js framework. One class is offered for Angular 1.x and one for Angular 2/4+. The course stresses workshop participation. Students should have experience in JavaScript and a DOM manipulation library.

DeVry Bootcamp

Learning for Live: A part-time, 24-week program in web development. The material covers C++, HTML5, JavaScript, JSON, MySQL, and JavaScript frameworks. The course puts strong emphasis on building a personal brand and a network. No previous coding experience is required.

The Muse

Learning for Live: The Muse is an all-in-one professional site that includes job boards, company analysis, but most importantly, lots of online coaching options. Users choose from a huge database of coaches, then they choose the style of coaching they're seeking. Coaches are available for 30-minute Q&A sessions and quick resume reviews, but they're also ready to start long-term mentor relationships.


Learning for Live: Sixteen-week mobile development bootcamps for Android and iOS. The iOS course covers the XCode environment, the Swift and Objective-C languages, the iOS library, and cloud interfacing. The Android course covers Java SQLite, Android frameworks, data persistence, MVC design, and asynchronous programming.


Learning for Live: Full-time courses are available in web development and user experience design. They are 400 hours long, spread over ten weeks. The web development course covers JavaScript, jQuery, Sass, and Bootstrap. Applicants must complete preparatory assignments.


Learning for Live: Learn to code for free in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby, and more.


Learning for Live: Learning is fun when it’s hands-on is the approach that Instructables takes. This website is designed specifically to showcase projects where people build physical items, including food. You’ll learn fundamental engineering and even advanced electronics. From turning old linens into ropes and old coins into rings all the way to creating drones or coding a 3D game, there’s plenty to discover.

Noble Desktop

Learning for Live: A series of courses offering a certificate in web design. Day, night, and weekend schedules are available. The most coding-oriented course is "JavaScript and jQuery," which introduces the language, explains the DOM, and teaches specific applications of jQuery.

Oxford University Podcasts

Learning for Live: Oxford University has put many of its lecture series online in the form of podcasts. These free courses typically feature multiple episodes and sometimes multiple professors. You can find everything from biology and gardening to philosophy and business or even global politics, history, and archaeology