Developer Bootcamp

Learning for Live: Courses ranging from three to six weeks on many topics, taught in many locations. Remote real-time attendance with two-way video and audio communication is an option. The topics include programming languages, system administration, software frameworks, operating systems, etc. Each course devotes at least half its time to hands-on learning.


Learning for Live: CreativeLive broadcasts free, live classes with the world's top experts in photography, business, design, craft, and audio. Instructors include New York Times contributor Victoria Will and entrepreneur Tim Ferriss from Forbes' "Names You Need to Know."

Open Yale Courses

Learning for Live: Yale University makes a broad range of its lectures and classes available through the Open Yale Courses program. Each course includes a full set of class lecture videos featuring Yale professors, as well as course materials including syllabi, suggested readings, exams, problem sets, and answer keys. There were dozens of courses available at the time of writing this and Yale says it regularly rotates available classes and adds new options.

The Data Incubator

Learning for Live: Courses tailored for business customers. The topics include data science, machine learning, Spark, and artificial intelligence. The Data Science Fellowship is for students with doctorates; the others are at a more basic level.

MIT's OpenCourseWare

Learning for Live: Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the most prestigious universities in the U.S., but did you know you can access many of its learning materials for free? You won't get a degree, but you can follow along with MIT classes through the OpenCourseWare project.


Learning for Live: Hailed as the “Coursera of Europe,” Berlin-based iversity has partnered with European and international universities to offer academic courses for free. The company has recently added certificates and verification of course completion for most of its classes, allowing students to verify course participation and learnings with an official document. Costs vary and there are a few free options as well


Learning for Live: Lifehack is a learning tool focused on making the most of your life by “hacking” it to achieve more or accomplish things easier. It offers free assessments, books, and classes plus a podcast video series. Courses revolve around a specific philosophy that the company created to promote a specific type of lifestyle. You can start with free options on things such as how to stop procrastinating and how to be more motivated in your daily life.

Alison Learning Paths

Learning for Live: Alison offers free online courses created by experts in various fields. You’ll find a mix of educators and entrepreneurs creating this content. Some are sponsored by different companies to help with very specific projects such as applying for different types of certifications and exams. Classes fall under a few major categories such as marketing, health, humanities, science, and technology.

Hack Design

Learning for Live: Hack Design is a design course program designed to help you create a career in design and then continue to grow. Its main offering is a weekly design lesson delivered via email. Most content is free, and they do provide a curated list of fundamental courses in its Lessons 101 offering.

rook trader

Comic's Collector: An interesting and alarming online game, Rook Trader sees you controlling a compulsively capitalistic Corvid in an attempt to bring society crashing down into your pockets. Bleed this world dry. It's all for the taking. A great deal awaits you.

Better Explained

Learning for Live: For people who want to learn math and how it is applied in the real world, Better Explained offers interesting classes, articles, and lessons. Individual lessons are generally free and so are online course texts. You can purchase “complete” courses that come with PDF versions of textbooks, video lessons, more quizzes, and invitations to webinars when they occur.

Learning for Live: offers a free app for coaching and goal-tracking. Paid services come with more exclusive access to over 8,000 personal coaches, including personalized leadership coaching that caters to your specific workplace problems and goals.

Coder Foundry

Learning for Live: A bootcamp in the .NET platform, including mobile applications. The full-stack immersive course is for beginners and lasts eighteen weeks. The full-stack accelerated course lasts twelve weeks and requires web development experience. The course in C# mobile development is three weeks long.