Learning for Live: Learn a new language with this fun, engaging online learning platform. Users pay by the month for this subscription service, but newcomers can try out a free lesson with a course purchase.


Learning for Live: Full-time courses in web development (24 weeks) and data science (12 weeks). The web development course covers front-end and server-side development, using Node.js, Express, and SQL. The data science course, based on Python, covers statistics and machine learning.

GFC Global

Learning for Live: The program is an educational tool from the Goodwill Community Foundation (GCF) Global initiative. It has been offering classes for nearly 20 years and is primarily focused on essential business skills to help people find work. You’ll also discover life skills around finances, freelance work, Internet and computer skills, and creative hobbies.

iTunes U

Learning for Live: If you have Apple products or an account, the company’s iTunes U is a collection of courses and lectures from leading universities. Part of its iTunes software, you can access courses by topic or university. In many cases, you’ll be able to get audio and video of lectures, have access to some books and materials, and even download quizzes with answer keys.

Hack Reactor

Learning for Live: A sixteen-week program in full stack JavaScript, including a twelve-week immersive portion. Eighty hours of self-study precede the course, and a week of career service training follows. Hack Reactor has acquired MakerSquare and re-branded its courses.


Learning for Live: Choose from a variety of online training courses designed specifically to foster productivity in business. If you don't know where to start, advisors can help curate a course load based on your goals.


Learning for Live: This free service uses points, levels, and achievements to make learning a new language fun and addictive. It's easy to get started; just download the app, create a free account, pick a language, and you're ready to go.


Learning for Live: Choose from over 3,900 online courses on Coursera. Some courses are backed by universities and can lead to degrees, while others give students the tools to master a specific skill.