Learning for Live: Join over 20 million learners in highly actionable online classes backed by Harvard, MIT, and other prestigious institutions from around the world. Some courses here are taken just for the love of learning, while others can earn you a degree or certificate.

MIT's OpenCourseWare

Learning for Live: Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the most prestigious universities in the U.S., but did you know you can access many of its learning materials for free? You won't get a degree, but you can follow along with MIT classes through the OpenCourseWare project.

Khan Academy

Learning for Live: This nonprofit offers free online classes that students tackle at their own pace. The classes cover most subjects through high school levels, and some courses dip into early college content.


Learning for Live: Udemy is all about options. Students choose from over 130,000 online courses, which cover a broad range of focuses and make use of more than 57,000 instructors.