thunderoos webcomic list

Comic's Collector: This is a list or a collection of webcomics I'm reading.It's a little different from other webcomic list in that I show actual comic pages(or at least try to), a summary of what the comic is about, who created the comic, it's genre and a rating of (safe for work, not safe for work, ect)


Comic's Collector: RGBots is a 3x weekly webcomic about mean robots. It has bad language and hurt feelings!

the order of the black dog

Comic's Collector: A sci-fi horror furry webcomic. Ghosts, monsters, otherworldly horrors, and the girls that fight against them.

Boys Outta Luck!

Comic's Collector: Comedy/slice of life/supernatural comic. Age 16+ Gore, blood, crude humour, sexual themes.

witches of the evening

Comic's Collector: Witches, Monsters, Warlocks, and Other Realms. An ancient conspiracy and arcane magic will change it all.


Comic's Collector: The world is quite literally falling apart. With ever increasing amounts of land collapsing into the water, the search for answers leads to a secretive group of people who can seemingly travel through dirt and time.

rubi whipple

Comic's Collector: A comic about a curse-breaking witch in Los Angeles tries to break her own un-breakable curse and help her friends and clients along the way.

the artifice flies again!

Comic's Collector: The Layer, a floating colony circling a ruined world, isn't an easy place to live in. Hunter and Ros try to make the best of it.


Comic's Collector: When a mysterious man named Mika shows up Anthony is forced to face his demons, but is he up for the challenge? This comic is about two guys falling in love and determining the fate of humanity. Because love has the power to do that, right? Updates once a week.

unit-m comics

Comic's Collector: Monsters are real. Monsters are feared. Monsters are threatened. Meet Unit-M, the Monster-team ready to meet the crisis and stand against prejudice.


Comic's Collector: Amarantha Steppenhaus has big dreams of following in her famous battlemage mother's footsteps, and when she's accepted into the prestigious College of Magic and chosen to become a Bonded soldier, she sees those dreams becoming reality.