Ladies Fright

Podcasts Fan: Oh yes, it's Ladies Fright! Three people who kind of like each other tell spooky stories then try to figure out why they are so spooky. Using personal anecdotes, psychology, and sociology Loren, Maggie, and (now, with a recent mysterious return) Jackie dive into urban legends, ghost stories, and other tales that give us a good fright.

operator syndrome ?????????

Comic's Collector: Operator Syndrome-- a meteorite strikes in the heart of the city, and the Earth is plunged into a weird and violent new age!

xii: of magic and muses

Comic's Collector: A webcomic about magical girls making mistakes and muddling in mysteries in that magical horror light show. Updates at a regular 6x a week with a scheduled hiatus in December.

the order of the black dog

Comic's Collector: A sci-fi horror furry webcomic. Ghosts, monsters, otherworldly horrors, and the girls that fight against them.

Slashers & Screamers

Podcasts Fan: Your Tuesdays just got more absurd! Join Casey, Rick, James, and Billy as they dive head first into your favorite horror films. No film is too dark, scary, grotesque, nor ridiculous for this band of horror con-o-sewers!

PUPPET NIGHTMARES1 AD UNIT puppet nightmares

Comic's Collector: An Adult RPG about adventuring with busty monster girls through a dark fantasy world that's filled with love, depravity, corruption and everything in between.


Podcasts Fan: Spooked challenges skeptics of the supernatural, daring listeners to confront the unknown. These true-life stories demand listeners question their own map of reality.

Watch If You Dare

Podcasts Fan: Watch If You Dare is a podcast exploring horror cinema through the eyes of a coward and the eyes of a longtime fan. Whether you’re a hardened horror expert, a casual in a love-hate relationship with scary cinema, or just a victim of a dare, join Derek, Aaron, and the occasional guest or two and face your fears.

Once Upon a Nightmare

Podcasts Fan: Obsessed with the horrors of the world? Then join me, your host Lorraine, as I go deeper down the rabbit hole where I discuss true crime and horror movies.

mea culpa

Comic's Collector: Andrew Kim is a Lutheran priest who thinks he has his life together. A stable job, a loving husband. What he doesn't know is someone new has a different plan in mind for him...

my delirium alcazar

Comic's Collector: Plaire Stevens, age 21, moves into her new house. It is unusually cheap and perfectly normal. MDA is a choose-your-own-adventure style interactive web comic with elements of fantasy, isekai, and horror. It is also an indirect / pseudo-sequel to Blood is Mine.

The Milkman of St. Gaff's

Podcasts Fan: Lovecraft meets Kafka in this serialized fantasy/horror podcast about Howie, a troubled young man who joins the milkmen on the island of St. Gaff’s, only to discover that the milkmen harbor a dark and dangerous secret. Be sure to start with episode one!