leif & thorn

Comic's Collector: Sparkly magical LGBTQ-centric fantasy comedy, about a magic knight trying to have a romance in his second language. Also: magic swords, dark pasts, lost time travelers, and plant monsters crashing the opera.


Comic's Collector: Tameka is a mercenary from a realm of worlds where magic reigns, but residing on Earth, she lives a life without using her sword, putting her dark past behind her. Yet, when others come from her realm begin to torment her city, she has to stop them before they rule over Earth.


Comic's Collector: Messenger is the story of a band of survivors making their way in a post-apocalyptic future. Akiara Kenakobe escapes her tribal home on the wasteland following the death of her best friend, Luke. With only her sword for company, she soon begins to make new friends. Updates weekly.

Drugs & Wires

Comic's Collector: Drugs and Wires is a weekly cyberpunk webcomic set in the 90s Eastern Europe. It follows Dan, a bitter, burned-out VR operator and serial addict trying to put his life back together after a near-death experience with deadly malware.

Gregor Comics

Comic's Collector: A super hero parody about a super powered alien that falls to earth.....and can't get a job. Watch Gregor do everything he can to get out of doing anything helpful for his adopted world. Mild language, occasional fan service and wacky hijinks

the order of the black dog

Comic's Collector: A sci-fi horror furry webcomic. Ghosts, monsters, otherworldly horrors, and the girls that fight against them.

teabeer comics

Comic's Collector: Teabeer Comics is the home to plethora of the on-going crazy anime-influenced webcomic series and miniseries from all around comic-creator Teh Andeh’s long standing comic multiverse. The Teabeer comics Multiverse began in 2002 and has; no intent on ending anytime soon.

the webcomics review

Comic's Collector: A popular comic blog that reviews and discusses webcomics, and hosts regular writing contests

my hero!

Comic's Collector: Hasera has always dreamed of working with the Champion Lark, but her dream is turning out to be a nightmare. Now she must find a way to get him to start giving a damn about doing his job and find out who is behind a sinister plot that may spell certain doom for the 9 planes!

the last cowboy

Comic's Collector: After alien visitors spread a deadly disease, humans may be destined for extinction. Meanwhile, a little girl escapes from an underground lab on an alien planet. She has no idea what her future holds, or how important she is to the fate of humanity...


Comic's Collector: A dark and gothic adventure, driven entirely by the whims of it's readers. Keep the kids alive!

After the Dream

Comic's Collector: After the Dream is the story of an underworld conspiracy and the lives that it touches. Cyberpunk with a dash of paranormal (and / or paranoid schizophrenia).