Brandy de Hex: Certified Sorceress

Comic's Collector: Brandy de Hex is a witch who works as a "certified sorceress," providing magical solutions to people's problems when she isn't trying to deal with the misadventures that her friends and family--especially her sister Sherry--get her into. Issues are 2-3 page installments of larger, 20-30 page arcs.

Gregor Comics

Comic's Collector: A super hero parody about a super powered alien that falls to earth.....and can't get a job. Watch Gregor do everything he can to get out of doing anything helpful for his adopted world. Mild language, occasional fan service and wacky hijinks

I am the Final Boss

Comic's Collector: Comic about an avid gamer who accidentally discovers a secret game server on the Dark Web. However, he is forced to play and become the final boss of the game where he could earn or lose all of his bitcoins depending on the quests given.


Comic's Collector: Action,adventure and humor based comics and more! has multiple pages of content to display your ad(s) at a single bid price per ad unit.

the true face

Comic's Collector: A warrior has to question all his principles and find a new meaning for life.

saber collie studios

Comic's Collector: Saber Collie Studios is a website created and operated by artist, cartoonist, and aspiring animator Light Lux Collie. The site currently host two weekly webcomics, Denatured and a comicstrip known by the lazy name, Comic-Comic.


Comic's Collector: MoonSlayer is a high fantasy webcomic with ancient gods, dragons, creepy fairies and a feisty princess trying to break a curse by killing a goddess.

pocket nightmares

Comic's Collector: You kill monsters, get loot, and collect cute monster girls. What else do you need to know? Cleaned up version of Puppet Nightmares with no adult content.


Comic's Collector: In a world where spirits live inside the most powerful warriors, the line that separates life and death is thin. A rotten world ruled by the law of the strongest, filled with sorrow, despair and fear.

kidd commander

Comic's Collector: Kidd Commander is a longform webcomic about a bunch of angry queers on their way to punch god! A dedicated webcomic website; the comic is generally rated PG-13, about your standard shounen anime fare.

Hope for a Breeze

Comic's Collector: Dedicated to all the losers, failures, freaks and social outcasts in society; this is a story of a girl named Sophia and her journeys through life. At the beginning of the story, we find her doing something … drastic. The story follows her and what brought her to take such drastic actions.

the doctrine of gnorf

Comic's Collector: The Doctrine of Gnorf is a sci-fi satire in disguise as a fantasy. This story is an exploration of growing up closed off from the world, deprogramming from your old ideological framework and all of the difficult emotional turmoil that follows.