Learning for Live: This free service uses points, levels, and achievements to make learning a new language fun and addictive. It's easy to get started; just download the app, create a free account, pick a language, and you're ready to go.

Better World Books

Bookaholic: I learned about Better World Books when a fellow reader shared the hysterical email they received letting them know their book was on the way. Not only are they funny, but they care for more than just the bottom line. A portion of every purchase is donated to philanthropic endeavors, such as donating books to those in need, literacy and education grants, disaster assistance, and more.

blue leaf cosmopolitan

Julie Beatrice: Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan. Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan is a classy luxury venue built to accommodate your personal and corporate milestones.

Mahogany place tagaytay

Jude Simpson: At the heart of Mahogany place tagaytay is a team of passionate chefs dedicated to creating culinary masterpieces that delight the senses. From elegant wedding receptions to corporate galas, our diverse menu offerings cater to a variety of tastes and dietary preferences. We source only the finest ingredients to ensure every dish is a work of art, leaving a lasting impression on your guests.

shercon resorts ecology park

Julie Beatrice: Relax and celebrate, a sanctuary in the south that accommodate weddings, birthdays or any milestones in life. Club Manuel Hall, Outdoor Weddings, and 13 more function halls to choose from are readily available to share the best moments and memories with you.