quantonium wallfront

Comic's Collector: Binh attended an internationalschool where he become friends with Nils,a Norwegian student.The two began exchanging letters until years later, letters from Nils stopped sending.After Binh became a adult, he goes on a search in Norway to find out what happened to his childhood friend and penpal.

Four Corners

Comic's Collector: A 90s manga nostalgia + gang drama + slowburn romance webcomic that updates every Sunday. Set in 1995, Yokohama, as two unlikely delinquents pair up to solve the mystery of why gangs in the city are being brutally disbanded. (Leaderboard ads display on comic pages

Colour Theory on Comic Fury

Comic's Collector: Colour Theory is a traditionally-drawn romantic comic with sci-fi themes. The series explores the way the two central characters cope with personal issues and past trauma through the use of surreal imagery. Oh, and there's a really cute cat!

the devil of angel classroom

Comic's Collector: A yuri/girl love/comedy/supernatural school drama about a normal, boring girl named Natsume, who finds it hard to stand out. In the hopes of being popular, she accidentally binds herself to a succubus named Amaranthe.

pleasure comics

Comic's Collector: We create a collection of Boys Love comics for your entertainment.

Dating Not-So Simulation!

Comic's Collector: Morgan Cuevas is transported to a magical world with a strange, magical necklace. There she befriends a mysterious and beautiful man that looks suspiciously similar to a character in the game she was playing.

undead friend

Comic's Collector: Boy meets ghost, boy turns into zombie, zombie and ghost get trapped in a underworld death game. Romance-Action-Comedy that updates 3 days a week, from the creator of Emergency Exit. Over 14 chapters of archives to read for free with bonus comics on the Patreon.