Mandolin Secrets LIVE

Podcasts Fan: This podcast is for every mandolin and guitar player that wants an inspiration boost. Hosts Magnus Zetterlund and Hayes Griffin share professional tips, experiences, and stories that will support every music maker on their journey.

The Sneaker Podcast

Podcasts Fan: A show where a bunch of guys sit around a table to talk about life, lifestyle, music and all things sneakers

Infectious Groove Podcast

Podcasts Fan: We love music. You love music. Let's talk about it. From current events, crazy show stories, what we're currently listening to, and anything else that is on our minds—there may even be a special guest on to answer all of your burning questions.

Broken Record

Podcasts Fan: Broken Record is a podcast that restarts those conversations—in a world without liner notes—for a new audience of music lovers.

radio silence

Comic's Collector: Radio Silence is an award winning LGBTQ+ coming-of-age drama about a British rock band's rise to fame. Updates every Tuesday.

Metal Mantra Podcast

Podcasts Fan: Metal podcast with content every day. News, releases and reviews to leave your feed a little more METAL!

Tiny Desk Concerts - Audio

Podcasts Fan: Tiny Desk Concerts from NPR Music feature your favorite musicians performing at All Songs Considered host Bob Boilen's desk in the NPR office.


Podcasts Fan: DANNY FISHER's Mash-Ups. For more content visit: Soundcloud, Spotify, TikTok, YouTube, TIDAL, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer and much more...

The Go Radio Football Show Podcast

Podcasts Fan: The very best podcasts for ‘Glasgow’s Own’ brought to you by Go Radio. Football, music, entertainment and more…

Twenty Thousand Hertz

Podcasts Fan: A lovingly crafted podcast that reveals the stories behind the world's most recognizable and interesting sounds.

Pop Music For Smart People

Podcasts Fan: Ever wondered what's down the rabbit hole when you get to the end of pop music today?? ... WELL FOLLOW ME your host Ryan Courtney every week as I guide you through the musical wonderland me and my magical friends have created.

Hamilton If It Was Sung Entirely By Adam Sandler

Podcasts Fan: Adam Sandler is such a huge fan of Hamilton the Musical he decided that the world needed to hear his take.

Temporary Fandoms

Podcasts Fan: Temp Fans is a podcast that explores the complete studio discography of legacy, popular, or downright obscure artists. We started out as a Facebook group where we listen to an album a day by a chosen artist, from start to finish, even the bad bits. And that's what this podcast is.