A conversation with...

Podcasts Fan: “A conversation with…” include 8 podcasts with 8 NHS staff who have disabilities across 8 different NHS Trusts sharing their lived experiences / stories. Launched during Equality, Diversity and Human Rights week 10th-14th May 2021. Created by Diverse Learners in partnership with NHS Workforce Disability Equality Team


Podcasts Fan: Childhood should be the happiest time of a person's life and school is a huge part of that. From getting the grades to learning about themselves and others, experiences at school can affect a child’s future in many ways. So how do we help them get it right? Schoolosophy is a time to talk about all things school and education - helping children to thrive through their school years.

Marketers in PJs: The Podcast

Podcasts Fan: Have you ever made a marketing mistake at work? Emily Bezak asks fellow marketers to share their biggest marketing mistake and how to prevent the same mistake from happening again.